The MM Watch

The MM Watch is an independent device that works anywhere with a mobile network signal. It collects biodata up to 50 times a second and sends it automatically almost in real time to our medical cloud. The data is then analysed simultaneously for all users by our Artificial Intelligence algorithms, before being passed on to your telecare provider for further evaluation and response.

voice calls
Gps tracker
One multifunction
(SOS) button
IP54 + scratch resistant
toughened glass

How It Works

The MM Watch collects biodata continuously and sends it automatically to our medical cloud. The data is then analysed for all users simultaneously by our Artificial Intelligence algorithms. When there is an alert, the system sends immediate notifications to the telecare call center, along with all relevant data.

The MM Watch

The MM Watch

Biodata is collected up to 50 times a second and sent to our medical cloud. The GPS provides accurate location in case of emergency and the SOS button can connect the wearers directly to their telecare provider.

The System

The System

The data is received and processed almost in real time. The machine learning algorithms interpret the data individually and if there is an issue they send the results immediately to a call center operator.

Your Telecare provider

Your Telecare Provider

The call center staff receive regular status updates or calls from each wearer of MM Watch directly onto their screens. They can see only the relevant data or the alerts and decide how to best assist those in need.

The Benefits

The MM Watch is the smallest, lightweight and versаtile monitoring device, especially designed for elderly. Its ergonomic shape, comfortable strap and waterproof encasing make it ideal for everyday use.

Heartbeat Analysis

Heartbeat Analysis

The heart rate sensor collects data 20 times a second before sending it for in-dept evaluation by our Hear Rate AI.

Fall Detection

Fall detection

Falling at an elderly age may lead to a serious trauma and it is vital to get help as soon as possible. Our Fall Detection AI has 98% success rate.

Activity Monitoryng

Activity monitoring

Daily physical activity and exercise followed by a good night sleep are paramount for every age. This is why we keep track of daily steps and sleep.

SOS Call

SOS call

Our System is completely automatic and does not rely on human beings for the analysis but we have added the SOS button for your convenience.

Security First

Security first

All data communication between the MM Watches and our System is encrypted with asymmetric keys to ensure the safety of your personal data.

Location Tracking

Location tracking

Approximate location is available to all users at all times but due to privacy reasons exact GPS coordinates are sent out only in emergencies.

The MM Watch
Independent Device

Independent device

No phones or other devices are needed for the MM Watch to collect and send biodata to the System

Once a day charging

Once a day charging

The MM Watch comes with 2 optional chargers allowing the wearers to select off wrist charging or on-the-go charging

Lifeproof Design

Lifeproof design

The modern ergonomic design, soft strap and showerproof enclosure make the MM Watch an ideal companion

Enjoy life fully

Enjoy life fully

Get out more, socialize, walk in the great outdoors - your MM Watch works anywhere with a mobile network signal

2 colours and sizes

2 colours and sizes

Wear your MM Watch comfortably and in style with the two included straps - 22cm black and 19cm light grey strap

Off-wrist Detection

Off-wrist detection

For optimal wear time and protection we have added a functionality that alerts the telecare operators

The MM Watch

We have designed this highly technological device specifically for elderly people to be simple yet powerful.

Stay in touch on the go

The mobile app provides an easy access to information, as well as real time notifications when there is an emergency situation. Just log in and let your telecare provider do all the monitoring and interpretation of bio data. If there is something that requires your attention your telecare provider will notify you immediately.

Web app for extra piece of mind

The web application contains all relevant up to date information together with the monitoring history, so that you can track the development of the condition of your loved ones. You can study the graphs, the charts and all other visualized data for better understanding of how your elderly person is.


Don’t take our word. See what experts, customers and users say about the MM Watch.

This is the most comprehensive solution that I have seen so far. The watch is stylish and comfortable. The data and the processing is beyond anything on the market.

The MM Watch gives me the confidence to leave my father by himself. The mobile app is very helpful when I want to check up and see how he is. I wish I've found it sooner.

Excellent work on all fronts - design, engineering, functionality, technology. Very helpful and potentially life saving system for monitoring of people over 65.


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to care@MM.Watch

How can use the MM Watch and what does IP54 mean?

Generally, it means that you can use it under the shower but cannot swim with it. The MM Watch is designed to be used all day every day, so it can withstand the normal wear of an elderly person. Despite our efforts, please try to limit the exposure to strong water jets, soap solutions and salt water.

How long does the battery last?

When we designed the MM Watch we wanted it to be not only of help to seniors and their family&friends but to be very easy to be used on daily basis. This is why our motto is "once a day charging". The MM Watch can last around 30 hours on a single charge but it is best to get into the habit of charging it daily.

How can I make an SOS call?

Our System is one of the smartest monitoring systems out there and it will detect when you are in medical distress but if you would like to make a conscious call for help just hold the button on the MM Watch for over 3 seconds and it will connect you to your telecare operator.

How is my location tracked?

The location is tracked in 2 different modes. The continuous automatic tracking of one's location is limited to accuracy of around 500-800 meters (half a mile). When there is an alert or SOS call the GPS provides updated location information that is accurate to about 10 meters when outdoors.

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